On Friday, three bloggers and activists in Cuba were detained and beaten by the Cuban authorities. Yoani Sanchez, Claudia Cadelo, and Omar Luís Pardo Laz were dragged into a car, violently beaten, and left in the street. Global Voices Online translates Sánchez’s own harrowing account of the incident:
We were left aching, lying in a street in Timba, a woman approached, ‘What has happened?’… ‘A kidnapping,’ I managed to say. We cried in each others arms in the middle of the sidewalk, thinking about Teo, for God’s sake how am I going to explain all these bruises. How am I going to tell him that we live in a country where this can happen, how will I look at him and tell him that his mother, for writing a blog and putting her opinions in kilobytes, has been beaten up on a public street. How to describe the despotic faces of those who forced us into that car, their enjoyment that I could see as they beat us, their lifting my skirt as they dragged me half naked to the car.

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Written by Brianna Lee