As was widely reported today, President Obama chaired a Security Council meeting that passed a resolution on the non-proliferation and disarmament of nuclear weapons – specifically targeted, of course, at Iran (and to an extent, North Korea.) The resolution, which was passed unanimously, was a crucial step in sparking international collaboration towards an eventual “world without nuclear weapons” – a lofty, but impressive goal.

The resolution calls for: universality of the Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and strengthening the document, which is up for review next year; securing nuclear materials to prevent trafficking, including securing enriched uranium, and having vulnerable materials locked down in four years; and stressing the IAEA’s role in monitoring countries and enforcing the NPT, among a slew of other goals (the Los Angeles Times has a useful fact sheet).

Obama has been a vocal proponent of nuclear zero, and I’m personally surprised that this received so much support – the world is in a much more post Cold War state than I had imagined. The feasability of total nuclear zero is still a very unrealistic prospect in my mind (and others agree), but it’s still a great and admirable thing to push for. In the meantime, limiting the number of weapons that contain such destructive force is always a good thing. As a classmate of mine once remarked in a discussion on nuclear proliferation, “someone could get hurt.”

Further reading:

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Written by Brianna Lee