2017 SPRING Issue Vol XII








Conflict in Yemen, by Linda Bouzembrak
Muslims Speak Out after Christmas Day Bomb Attempt, by Linda Bouzembrak
Google, China, and the Rise of the Cyberattack, by Brianna Lee
This Just In…, by Dan Logue
Yemen: The Human Rights Situation, by Linda Bouzembrak
“Chinese Expansionism” in Kazakhstan?, by Florence Au
PGI Podcast #1: Media Coverage of the Haiti Earthquake, by PGI Editorial Staff
The Offensive Begins…, by Dan Logue
The Turning Tide, by Brianna Lee
Turkey: Regional hegemony in the Middle East?, by Linda Bouzembrak


The Bangladeshi General Elections in Context, by Kristy Crabtree
Cease Fire, For Now, by Dan Logue
Obama reverses the “global gag rule”, by Brianna Lee
No Place for Refuge, by Kristy Crabtree
The Guantánamo Uyghurs: Still Waiting Seven Years Later, by Adair Fincher
Wildcat Strikes Across the UK – An IPE Case Study, by Florence Au
A ‘United States of Africa?’, by Jennifer Dunham
UNHCR Releases Refugee Statistics, by Kristy Crabtree
Parag Khanna and the “Af-pak” issue, by Florence Au
Greg Mortenson at Stern School of Business, Claire R. Thomas
Human Trafficking in the Middle East: Taboo Topic Gains Awareness, by Claire R. Thomas
Conference Commemorating Rwandan Genocide’s 15th Anniversary, by Claire R. Thomas
Bride-Napping in Kyrgzystan, by Dan Cooper
The Tipping Point, by Kristy Crabtree
Electoral Fraud in Afghanistan, by Dan Logue
Amid political stalemate, Lebanese Prime Minister steps down, by Karen Duncan
This Summer in Global Affairs…, by Brianna Lee
List of Goods Produced by Child Labor or Forced Labor, by Brianna Lee
The Security Council’s Resolution on Nukes…, by Brianna Lee
Sport Imitates Life, by Dan Logue
Press Freedom Index 2009, by Brianna Lee
Held by the Taliban: David Rhode’s NYT Series, by Brianna Lee
Executives’ Pay Reform – Thorny but Necessary?, by Florence Au
And the Winner is… Karzai (again), by Dan Logue
LGBT Rights Worldwide – Still a Steep Climb, by Brianna Lee
Cuban Bloggers Detained, Beaten, by Brianna Lee
Cyber Warefare: The New Nuclear Scare?, by Brianna Lee
Countdown to Copenhagen: “Get Real,” says Steve Forbes, by Jhelum Bagchi
And the (Afghanistan) Plot Thickens…, by Dan Logue
Predator Drones in the Battlefield, and at Home, by Brianna Lee
Copenhagen Distractions, by Florence Au
Don’t Let History Repeat Itself, by Dan Logue