Volume 13 (Spring 2017)

How Wonder woman exposed the Limits of Gender Mainstreaming at the UN by Anne-Marie Goetz

Nationalism and Women’s Autonomy in Turkey by Liza Kane-Hartnett

Libertion of Mothers through Fatherhood: CSW and the Nordic model of paternity leave by Richard Brygge

Jihadi Brides or Muhajirat? Understanding the Uptick in Western Women Being Recruited and Emigrating to the Caliphate by Melisa Salyk-Virk

Real vs. Imaginary Threat: Russian Influence in the Czech Republic and its Security Apparatus by Phil Payne

How to Combat the Transnational Human Security Threay of Organ Trafficking: The Transnational Human Security Threat of Ordan Trafficking – What is it and How Does it Work? by Melissa Salyk-Virk

Freedom of Expressions and Rule Of Law In Russia: A Precipitous Decline by Ani Karapetyan

Weapons of Mass Distortion? The Threat of Online Disinformation by Kelsey Carter

Nuclear Danger inAsia: How North Korean and Pakistani Nuclear Programs Benefit China by Waheguru Pal Singh Sidhu

The Great Oil Divide: The Security Situation Between the Sudans by Natasha Louis

Accounting for Trade: President Trump and the “Geopolitical Balance Sheet” by William Jannace, LL.M. and Professor Paul Tiffany, PhD

The Water-Energy-Food Nexus: Understanding Qatar’s Challenges for Achieving Food Security by DeLaine Mayer

Peacebuilding in Jammu and Kashmir State: A Proposed Intervention by Eaman Sarwar



Volume 12 (Fall 2016)

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