(Fall 2007)

Editor’s Message
PGI Editorial Staff

Buying Your Way Into Heaven: The Corruption of Education Systems in Global Perspective
Dr. Stephen P. Heyneman

Corrupt Reciprocity
Dr. Johann Graf Lambsdorff

The Corporate Private Sector’s Role in Combating Corruption
Sofia Perazzo

The Defense Industry and the Prevalence of Bribery
Stephen Wrage, President, TRACE Institute

Measuring, Conceptualizing and Fighting Systemic Corruption: Evidence from Post-Soviet Countries
Christophe H. Stefes

The Resource Curse: Examining Corruption in the Extractive Industries
Janelle Lewis

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Revisited
An opinion piece by Stephanie Kim

The “Leader for Life” Governance Model
Christopher Walker

Personal Experiences With Corruption
PGI Staff