(Fall 2010)

Editors’ Message
PGI Staff

The Seeds of a Disingenious Economic Conflict
Everett E. Myers, PhD

Civil Society’s Role in U.S. Foreign and Security Policy-making
Lukas Haynes

Clearing Up the Oil Curse: The Roles of NGOs in Improving Oil Revenue Transparency
Russell Karas

Coffee with Peter Godwin
Interview By Marcie Cook

Legalizing the Marijuana Market: A Prescription for Peace on the US-Mexico Border
Talia Hagerty

A Pedagogical Inquiry into the Social Conflict Inherent in “Grassroots Globalization:” The Case of China
Colette Mazzucelli and Jeri Ekdahl

Cyberterrorism Trend Analysis
Ryan Walsh

Interview with Eliza Griswold on Her Book The Tenth Parallel
Talia Hagerty

The Role of Iraq’s National Reconciliation in Peace-building
By Dr. Abdullah Ali Abbou

The Future of Peace Studies at Academic Institutions: The Iraqi between Reality and Ambition
Dr. Aamer Sultan

African Women in Conflict: More Than Only Helpless Victims
AJ Jackson