Is your food expired or ugly? Eat it, is good for you!

By Zabeth Salome Chedraui It is very possible to imagine a world in which people recycle the food that they consider as waste. Nashville has been selected by the Natural Resource Defense Council as a model city on food waste reduction. Many restaurants in the city are participating in the Food Saver Challenge, which encourages… Read more »

An Imperialist in the DPRK

By Natasha Louis When asked about my experiences in North Korea, two questions always come up: Why would you want to go there? And, what was it like? As a global affairs student, the first seems easy to answer with a simple, “why not?” But the second, I still stumble in a search for words… Read more »

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A Gulf in Relations [Retracted]

The article “A Gulf in Relations” by Mohammad Awais published on April 7, 2017 has been withdrawn from this publication at the author’s request.  

Quito and Its Transportation Challenges

By Jorge L. Mora Implementing efficient, affordable, and sustainable transportation systems in developing cities is challenging. The construction of an expensive subway system can help alleviate the needs of users of public transportation, but it does not solve the mobility needs of a heavily populated city. Making people the priority is essential for cities like… Read more »

Women’s Economic Empowerment: A Health Approach

By Adrienne Nicole Razon Women’s economic empowerment cannot be achieved without significant investments in women’s health and wellbeing. When more women work, the results go beyond economic development. Equal participation in labor markets creates political, social, and cultural advantages. Even so, women around the world continue to have lower participation in labor markets compared to… Read more »

Unfolding Views of Women’s Access to Equal Employment Opportunities in MENA

By Reem Aliessa  Equal access to employment opportunities in MENA remain a crucial barrier for the economic growth and women’s economic empowerment in the region as it faces the lowest percentages of women’s participation in the labor market. The 61st Session on the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW61), held from March 13-24, 2017,… Read more »

The New America First Energy Plan: Dream or Nightmare

By Jennifer A. Infantas After only a few short minutes of President Trump’s inauguration, the White House was beginning to communicate Mr. Trump’s new energy policies, which aim to stimulate the U.S. economy and ensure national security all while supposedly protecting the environment and public health of U.S. citizens. The issue with this is how… Read more »

Ignoring Female Terrorists’ Agency At Our Own Peril

Reports of women acting as terrorists, especially for the Islamic State (ISIS), have shocked Western audiences, raising questions about the role of women as willing participants in terrorist violence. The flood of Western women to ISIS is helped along by a slew of female recruiters. Further, women act as enforcers in jihadist societies, even commanding… Read more »

Is Nationalism Bad for Women?

Traditional constructs of nationalism are being revived around the globe with negative impacts on women. In the United States, Europe, and  Turkey, this dangerous trend aims to limit women’s autonomy in hope of preserving national identity. The re-nationalization movement stems from threats – both real and perceived – against a country’s national identity and culture…. Read more »

Write a killer paper? Get it published!

PGI is now accepting Op Eds (400-600 words) and longer journal pieces (no more than 4000 words)!   If you’re proud of the writing and thinking you’re doing, share it with your peers and colleagues in the field. Op Eds are accepted on rolling basis throughout the semester. Journal Articles (no more than 4000 words)… Read more »

  • Write a killer paper? Get it published!

    PGI is now accepting Op Eds (400-600 words) and longer journal pieces (no more than 4000 words)!   If you’re proud of the writing and thinking you’re doing, share it with your peers and colleagues in the field. Op Eds are accepted on rolling basis throughout the semester. Journal Articles (no more than 4000 words)… Read more »

  • Gabon: Lessons for a Future Regime Change?

    Gabon: Lessons for a Future Regime Change? By Alassane Dembele On September 28, 2016 the Constitutional Court of Gabon decided to uphold the results of the August 27th presidential election, allowing President Ali Bongo to retain his power without much contest. Now that the African Union and international community have officially acknowledged the decision of… Read more »

  • Contradictory Measures Towards FGC Eradication in Nigeria

    On 5 May 2015, Nigeria took an important step towards ending the physically and psychologically harmful practice of female genital cutting (FGC) by passing a law prohibiting the procedure. While enacting the law that bans the practice is an important step towards supporting the reproductive and human rights of women and girls, it is not… Read more »

  • The Rise of the Clean Energy Job: From Boom & Bust to Stability

    On April 17th, oil producing nations including Russia and Saudi Arabia are scheduled to meet in Doha to discuss curbing production and resolving global oversupply. Hopes that such a resolution will be reached, however, have been all but dashed following recent comments from Saudi Arabia’s deputy crown prince that they will not freeze production unless… Read more »

  • Changing Dynamics in the Caucasus

    Solving current conflicts is important, but stopping future ones is paramount to global security. While U.S. foreign policy has been preoccupied with conflicts in Syria, Ukraine, and disputes in the South China Sea, the changing geopolitical environment in the South Caucasus calls for more robust U.S. policy to promote security in the energy-rich region. On March 31 and… Read more »

  • It’s Time to Integrate Gender

    “In regards to Syria, Obama’s a p***y.” This was a comment I heard at the culmination of a discussion regarding Putin’s interests in Syria and why he is getting involved in a bombing campaign.  If this had been said in the presence of friends or classmates, it might have been regarded as a witty, albeit… Read more »

  • Measuring women’s participation within the SDGs

    Taiwan recently became the latest country to elect a female head of state, joining nations like Bangladesh, Chile, Liberia, and Germany. Despite the continued existence of gender inequality, some women have managed to achieve the highest level of leadership in countries in both the Global North and South. Increasing the number of women in public… Read more »

  • Towards a unified African market: Challenges & Opportunities of the TFTA

    For several years, experts from the three largest trading blocs in Africa — the Southern African Development Community (SADC), the East African Community (EAC) and the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) — were locked in intense negotiations over a free trade agreement whose aim is to bring about a unified and liberalized… Read more »

  • Call for Submissions: Spring 2016

    Interested in having your content published in this semester’s journal? Submit your essays and articles to the editorial team for consideration by Friday, March 11! We also accept op-eds, book reviews, photoessays and stand-alone photos on a rolling basis year round. For more information about the submission process and submission criteria, please visit the submission tab… Read more »